ARTICLE NO., founded in Los Angeles in 2015, runs through the six core ideologies consist of retro nostalgia, street, contemporary, aesthetic, sustainability and spirited.

The canvasbased shoe structure carries the genes of West Coast skate culture. Individual expressions are newly interpreted with bold prints on simple color fabrics. With number naming for daily items, redefining modern urban lifestyle, our goal is to convey a gender neutral and distinct

brand image. Currently, ARTICLE NO. launches in more than 100+ boutique stores such asSSENSE & KITH worldwide. And will continue to bring breakthroughs in design through innovative eco-friendly materials, joint collaborations, and other possibilities.

In the era of cultural diversity, we apply the language of design in line with contemporary aesthetics to break the limitation of footwear as a single medium of expression. Under the depicted atmosphere of pleasantness and coziness, ARTICLE NO. encourages people to find their ideal lifestyle in everyday life.